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Spooky similes and metaphors

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spooky similes and metaphors

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2-Minute Writer: Metaphors and Similes

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Metaphors Metonymy and Synecdoche. What is an example of a metaphor in a spooky story? Wiki User A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one thing is described as another thing. An example of metaphor in a spooky story is " the black cat was a screeching banshee. Related Questions Asked in Poetry Metaphor in a poem? Yes, it does. For example, a spooky story might be even more spooky if it's set in a gloomy or foreboding setting.

Asked in Writing: Plot and Setting How do details of the setting heighten the general atmosphere of a story? The setting can make a big difference in atmosphere. For example, a spooky story set at a fun birthday party might not be as scary as if you set it at a spooky abandoned amusement park.

A metaphor compares something to something else. You need to make a list of everything you think of as "spooky" and see what you can compare your setting to. Remember not to use simile words as or like -- create a direct comparison. An example would be "the tree reached out for us in the darkness," comparing the tree to a predator trying to capture the people.

It is a literary technique, but not a device like a metaphor or simile. Asked in Short Stories What is the metaphor in the weasel skin the short story? The journey was the metaphor.Similes are generally easier to identify than metaphors, but not always. These are not similes. By the time you finish working through these examples of simileyou should have the hang of it. Here is the list of fifty easy similes: Simile Examples for Intermediate Readers Slashes indicate line-breaks.

Grandpa lounged on the raft in the middle of the pool like an old battleship. If seen from above the factory, the workers would have looked like clock parts.

The truth was like a bad taste on his tongue. The people who still lived in the town were stuck in place like wax statues. Cassie talked to her son about girls as though she were giving him tax advice. The bottle rolled off the table like a teardrop. The handshake felt like warm laundry. She hung her head like a dying flower.

Arguing with her was like dueling with hand grenades. The classroom was as quiet as a tongue-tied librarian in a hybrid car. The clouds were like ice-cream castles in the sky. The shingles on the shack shook in the storm winds like scared children.

When he reached the top of the hill, he felt as strong as a steel gate. She swam through the waters like she was falling through a warm dream. They children ran like ripples through water. Mikhail scattered his pocket change in front of the beggars like crumbs of bread.

Her hair was as soft as a spider web. Each dollar bill was a like a magic wand to cast away problems. The man held the blanket like a memory. You are soft as the nesting dove. Andre charged down the football field like it was the War of The stars looked like stupid little fish.

Her laughter was like a warm blanket or a familiar song. The river flows like a stream of glass Blood seeped out of the wound like red teardrops. Paul carried his science project to school like he was transporting explosive glass.

spooky similes and metaphors

She looked at me like I was speaking in some strange alien tongue. The town square was buzzing like a beehive. Kelsey followed her dreams like most kids would follow a big sister. Kyle looked at the test with a stare as blank as his notebook.Internet home of Matthew W.

Member of the Horror Writers Association. Can you please put some more examples. I will recommned it to everyone who is searching for horror similes. May God bless him who made this site. Can you fulfill my one wish please it is to add some more similes and metaphors in your site to help me as well as those who need it just like me.

Can I please have some scary similes and metaphors?

The World According to Quinn. That's gotten me thinking about ways to improve my own writing, particular the horror or more horror-oriented parts of it.

spooky similes and metaphors

Two important pieces of figurative language are simile and metaphor. One of the essays in Writing Horror points out how useful creepy similes and metaphors can be in setting up an atmosphere of dread. Here's a selection from Nightworld. And as he feeds, Rasalom gains mass, grows larger, thicker.

The chips slide to the bottom and collect there like shattered bones. Paul Wilson, As if things weren't unpleasant enough, "like shattered bones" provides more dark imagery. I've put this to work in The Thing In The Woodsincluding the prologue featuring the wind blowing over the bare skin of a sacrifice victim like a scraping knife. I've also written some short horror stories and published them either independently "Melon Heads" and "The Beast of the Bosporus" before Digital Fiction Publishing bought it or sold them to others "I am the Wendigo," "Nicor"so I think the concept is sound.

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If you want to keep up with all my various doings, get free exclusive content, etc. My New Fantasy Novel. Books You Might LikeShe screamed, like Sara Crabtree having her toenails removed. Sara Crabtree is a girl I know who screams real loud.

The severed foot lay there like spicy okra fritter with a cranberry reduction sauce. I had that once and it really did just lay there on the plate. As he entered the pitch black room, hearing the labored breathing of the "thing" that would soon try to mascerate his flesh, he was filled with terror, like a man riding an escalator. I am scared to death of escalators, you know people can get their shoes or their hair caught in them. Simply terrifying. The old woman was like an aged willow tree Can't think of a metaphor for "the night".

The bullet hit Jean-Eric like a small, tapered, cylindrical piece of metal being propelled at enormous speeds. As the shadows flickered across Francine's insane countenance, for one horrifying instant, she looked exactly like Stephenie Meyer. Answer Save.

L1t1g8r Lv 5. Sara Crabtree is a girl I know who screams real loud Blood squirted from the wound like Diet Coke from a Mentos-filled 2 liter bottle. I hope that helped. Please footnote to my assistance if you use any of these for your book. This Site Might Help You. RE: Can I please have some scary similes and metaphors? Isabelle Lv 4. Aurora Lv 6. As heart-stopping as an unexpected IRS audit. As scary as coming home and finding your front door unlocked. As creepy as waking up to a roach on your pillow.MaxCDN Predictions These predictions are shared collectively by our team.

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spooky similes

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spooky similes and metaphors

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